My name is Jan Bors and I am a multi-profession crazy spirit. Don't be confused, I am not really into esotericism but I like to write funny stuff.  You already have some impression, right? 


I am a freelancer with a very wide background of professions in the whole audio-visual process. Here I can be a photographer, but somewhere else I am a scriptwriter. On the other place a director. Over there I am leading a huge team and just after that creating a Youtube video about music and editing some showreel the next day.  


That also means that I needed to learn a lot of skills and also practice them. That's why I believe you are with me in the right hands. I know it actually. I am solution driven and there is always some. 


  Doesn't matter if for showrunning, photography, videography or anything else. There is always a way how to do things right and preferably in a very good mood. Working with me is suppose to be like a therapy. Especially when I am behind the camera. You can enjoy yourself and I will create you such space, that it will feel natural for you. And you know what, I am doing this also for me. I want to feel happy. 

Now you maybe ask yourself: "Yes, but we are huge company, this is not possible, right?!" 

Trust me. It is :)

Simple as that. I believe this reflects to the work we are all doing. (and you know such thing is in reality not simple at all BUT together everything is possible!)


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