Czech Television is my Alma Mater. The public broadcaster where I learned troughout almost 13 years the most I know about the industry. I was lucky enough to try every possible option in creative process and went step by step to where am I now. From being a scriptwriter to becoming a content producer to also do directing. 

I was proudly a editor-in-chief (senior content producer or chief content producer) of Centre of Entertainment and Czech Head of Delegation.

Gladly enough I was able to work on the biggest TV shows in the country and also work internationally on the biggest event in the world - Eurovision - and make our country successful after many years of the opposite. 

So I will be my whole life very grateful for this institution and really hope it will keep on going this way as still I found most hardworking and especially passionate people about their work here. 
Stardance is the biggest television format in Czechia. Originally Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars is a prestigious and glorified. Most watched and you can find all the superlatives. 
I was preparing as a chief content producer this show directly of it's 6, 7 and 8 edition. Also was helping to prepare season 5 and season 9. 
My main task was to maintain it's dominanci and make a structural changes to it's way of storytelling, themes and the way of producing the content in general. As you can check, those things are still valid in 2023 where the last season (11) was made. 
My biggest achievement with this series in Czechia is still the fact, that I make our show to be the only one with integrated charity event, which is also the biggest charity program of it's kind in Central Europe. Despite the fact that BBC did not want to let us do it, we found a solution for both sides to make it happen and amazing results, stories and financial help was worth all the silver hair. 

Peče Celá Země aka Great Czech Bake-Off is the one of the shows which I love the most. Despite the fact I was helping only with the first series and it was not my main format, I was gladly to be part of the team supervising it's content. 

One of the best atmospheres on the set ever been transcendent into the amazing results and there is still nothing (after 3 seasons) what can take it out of the throne in most exposed prime-time of spring season. 

The philosophy of producing it has become major and should be part of a book of how to produce a show modern way. Zero toxic environment. Fair competition. Love approach. Strict but simple rule - respect. 
If any project made me realise I can Dare to Dream, it was Eurovision Song Contest. 
When I firstly entered the stage in Stockholm 2016 I realised that I don't know anything about television despite working on the biggest and most successful shows. This was simply another level.
I took it as an opportunity to become better, to know more, to learn more, to understand and to be not afraid. As this was the first opportunity and the only one where I could really challenge other producers. 
And I love challenges, and I took it as an opportunity to make the whole country proud, to help the music industry in Czechia, to motivate artists in my own country and to shine in the world. 
And we succeeded in it faster than expected even though we are still not on the level where we can. The way is clear. Step by step forward. 
But you must understand that this is my favorite project even it maybe for many of my colleagues makes no sense. 
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