Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest project I was ever working on. Maybe it sounds a bit unreal regarding the huge projects I have in my portfolio but trust me, nothing is even close to this one.


There are many reasons why I am saying this. First one is that before I starded for Czech Eurovision team as Head of Delegation, I was already producing the most successful shows in Czechia. So my ego was in the sky and no one could match me. BUT. When I firstly stepped to the ground of Globen Arena in Stockholm 2016, I very quickly found out I knew nothing about television. The scale, professionalism, organisation and demands were simply somewhere else. It was revealing but also motivational. That huge gap was between how we are doing big TV in Czechia and this monster. Like I had never worked in television before. 

Second reason is that I am very competitive and wanted to prove that although we don't have grounds to practice television methods and budgets to afford crazy props, we will cope with the best. And that gave me a space to accomplish myself and also help the Czech music and television industry to rise. The good thing about this was not based primarily in money but approach. And it worth it. From the period when I was influencing Czech Eurovision, we completely redefined the view of the competition for the local artists, we helped the songs to be the most successful of the year each year and artists to see what it really means music / television outside their Czech bubble. 

We reinvented the way of producing. We created a product which has become attractive to artists in the whole chain. From lyricists to composers, managers, bands etc... no one literally believed we can make this dream come true. In my reign we made it to the finals for the very first time in Czechia history. And being there 3 times out of 4 attempts. Saga continues and since 2016 till 2023 we were in the finals 6 times out of 8 tries. Amazing record. On the way we discovered many local artists, many talents and the current team still gives a space to as much as possible. 

I am also very glad that I had a chance not to lead the Czech team as a Head of Delegation, but also directing our act in 2018 alongside with Ageé Rouček for artist Mikolas Josef. And then being creative director and director of 2019 act with Lake Malawi. 
Huge achievement was to introduce the national finals ESCZ to invite various artists to the process of selecting the song and representatives, and also to bring better interaction with the Eurovision community and also viewers in general. It's always exciting to build a new international project.
This whole appreciation led to the fact I was a juror in many other countries national selection from 2017 until very now, which is the biggest international recognition and also a opportunity to see big shows around all Europe, which eventually helped me to see the whole production and possibilities in television industry. Gave me inspiration and put me to a different level of production. Definitely helped me and still helps me to do my work better. 

Thank you, Eurovision.
Currently I am working also on a YouTube Channel dedicated to Eurovision, which is still my big passion and inspiration. 
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