Love Island Česko & Slovensko

Currently the biggest reality show in Czechia and huge VOYO brand in both Czechia and Slovakia. I was working on 2 seasons of the project as a Showrunner and it was an amazing experience. 
Mostly because this reality show has positive vibe and outcome and therefore all the work about is has this vibe. 
I was part of the process producing two extremely successful seasons being number one show on VOYO for several months, leading the whole VOD platform to it's big success on the Czech and Slovakian markets, becoming number 2 just right after Netflix. 
Love Island After

We came up with a fresh concept of creating the after show as a little docu-reality-entertainment stand-alones mapping the stories of the contestants after they departed from the show. 

With an awesome team of one of the best documentarist and talented directors we created 2 seasons counting of 25 episodes with the high quality storytelling and stunning visuals. 

The philosophy behind it was to make this series attractive for viewers but also for the contestants and future contestants of the show. One of the biggest principles was but the fact we wanted to show that also reality show can bring additional value and can be treated well as a premium product even after. 

Series was made primarily for VOYO platform in both Czech and Slovakia. 
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