This bridge is about to be demolished in the near future and I try to stop the moment of peace with people who can cross it. I want to pay the tribute to this place by let people I am crossing it with to just lay down and enjoy their moment of peace. 
Eli came from Bucharest to find out Prague is more than fascinating city. She also came to feel love and be loved and all of this you can feel from those photos. 

Alenka went trough very hard period of her life but because she is very strong she liberated herself from wrong to start anew. You can feel the optimism is a key word here.
Vova is from Kyiv and came to visit me and his sister in Prague. He accepted the photoshooting and you could see that there is a more than grown up man in him. We cannot feel what he feels but we can feel something very deep throughout those pictures. Like a memory of present stress from unexpected but very real. But also the courage and strong will. 

Alena is a strong and passionate and she came with a decision to say YES woman where she was NO woman. And then that happened, we created a series of photos and few of them also for The Bridge Project. 
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